Our Mission

M&G Piel Securities is a closely held holding corporation, which invests in stock and other securities. The Company was formed under the Business Corporation Law of New York in 1898. Our shares are not publicly traded; the Company is managed by our board of directors, which has control over all transations.

Cultivating Family Legacy

We bind together generations of Piels, encouraging everyone to invest their capital in this company and this family; a financial and emotional investment. With annual meetings turning into reunions, this company is a joy to run and be part of.

Building Portfolio Value

We work to ensure the company continues to both build capital and pay dividends. The Board wants to reward our elders, sustain the middle generation and tempt our youth to invest in the Company, to ensure its long-term viability.

Distributing Healthy Dividends

We have paid consistent, substantial dividends through the history of the Company. It is one of the benefits of investing in M&G Piels. We hope to generate interest across all generations with this financial bonus.


The Piel's Brewery was founded in 1883 by brothers Michael and Gottfried Piel. In 1898 the business was incorporated as Piel Bros. The Company prospered, suffered and prospered again until the business finally failed. In 1963 the brewery was sold by the heirs of the original founders, and as far as we know, they intended to split the assets once the sale was complete. However, the tax implications of that were horrendous. To avoid paying taxes on the sale, they simply converted the purpose of the company from a beer brewery to a securities holding company. They changed the company name to M&G Piel Securities, Inc. Their intention was to run the Company down as a means of getting their inheiritance while paying the minimum possible taxes.

The Company is managed by a Board of Directors. The "first generation" Directors were those who ran the Comany according to the wishes of their heirs, and continued their primary management objective, paying little taxes. The "second generation" Directors, led by Frederick Lange and Margarita Piel McCoy, felt that with better management of the funds, the Company could continue to pay out dividends on which people relied, but that they could also build the capital of the Company so that it would be an asset for future generations.

The Company has always had an investment advisor to manage the investment portfolio. For many years, the Company employed the services of a bank, but were increasingly dissastisfied with the portfolio's performance. In 1994, a search committee was formed and the Board hired Harvey Ross of Oppenheimer & Co. to manage the portfolio of M&G Piel Securities. Harvey has managed M&G Piel Securities for over 20 years now. 

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