“Nickel beer, long absent, has come back to Manhattan. Here, Customers at Sam’s Bar and Grill, 79 St. Mark’s Place, are shown singing as they hold their seven-ounce five cent beers...”

“Anti Prohibitionists Converge on Capitol. Delegates to the convention of the Women’s Organization for National Prohibition Reform journeyed to the Capitol….”

Troy, NY. Jack (Legs) Diamond whose underworld career and racketeering has been front page news for quite some time, is seen in custody…while jury deliberated his fate on an assault charge.”

“Dutch” Schultz Hears Decision Postponed. Dutch Schultz, erstwhile Bronx, N.Y. beer baron, is shown here (left) listening as US Commissioner Lester T. Hubbard, in Albany, postpones until Jan 19 the decision as to whether Schultz must return to the southern district of New York to stand trial on charges of Federal income tax evasion. In the meantime, Schultz is at liberty in $75,000 bail.”

“Women Workers Tour City in Cab. Workers of the Women’s Organization for National Prohibition Reform photographed in their hansom cab in front of New York Public LibraryMay 20….Left to right: Mrs. Richard P. Haws, Mrs. Edward K. McCagg, Miss Phyllis Thompson, Mrs. Linsley V. Dodge, and Mrs. Moore Erwin.”

“Pledge Dry Fight. Led by Mrs. Henry Peabody, drys visit Lincoln Memorial [Washington, DC] to pledge…”[AP pasted wrong caption on photo. This caption is thus incomplete.]

“Broadway Celebrates Return of a Friend. Broadway turned out to welcome the return of beer after midnight April 6-7, and this photograph of part of the crowd intent upon making their welcome enthusiastic….”

“Beer Kegs Get A Big Hand in Newark. There were loud cheers when this truck of beer kegs appeared in the beer parade and demonstration held in Newark, N.J., the evening of Oct. 28. More than 20,000 took part in the mass demand for repeal of the dry laws.”

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