Board of Directors

M&G Piel Securities is managed by a board of directors, who are elected each year at the Annual Meeting. The maximum number of Directors is nine. Each Director serves for a three-year term. The Board meets four times each year, for every fiscal quarter. 

Ben Lange


Ben Lange is the son of Erwin Lange and Mary Deal, grandson of Frederick Lange and Jakobina Lange, great grandson of Louise Piel.

Ben received his BA in Chemistry from Dartmouth College and an MD from Harvard Medical School. Since 2014, he has worked a radiologist with the University of Vermont Health Network at the Central Vermont Medical Center.

He has been attending the M&G Annual Meeting regularly since he was a child. He has a deep appreciation for the unique opportunity M & G Piel has provided for our extended family, both socially and financially. He looks forward to devoting himself to preserving the legacy of the Piel family, carefully researching opportunities for improvement and growth, and looking for new ways the business can serve its growing family.

His favorite brew is wheat IPA.

Bragdon Shields

Vice Chairman 

Bragdon Shields has served on the board since 2004, filling the seat vacated by Gerard Piel. He is married to Janet Lange, daughter of Roland and Ruth Lange, granddaughter of Louise Piel and Erwin Lange. He graduated from The Colorado College in 1983 with a BA in Economics, University of Idaho in 1991 with a BArch and The University of Washington in 2011 with an March. He currently works as an architect in Seattle, Washington. Bragdon is committed to maintaining the family focus of M&G and developing the fund to focus on growth, tempt the youth, maintain the middle and protect the elders.

His favorite brew is a cold, crisp Pilsner.

Thomas Ringle


Thomas Henry Ringle is the son of Stephen and Louise Kemp Ringle. Louise is the second daughter of Marie-Luise, daughter of Henry, son of Michael Piel.  Tom received a BA in History from Bowdoin College in 2000.  After working in Long Island for a year, Tom moved to Montana where he spent seven years as a wildland firefighter for the US Forest Service, and traveled extensively throughout the West.  He returned to New England and began working at Athenahealth.  Tom is committed to the long term success of M&G, as both a profitable financial operation and as a means to promote extended family cohesion.

His favorite brew is pilsner.

Carl-Henry Piel


Carl-Henry Piel is the son of Elmar Viking Piel and Kerstin Cecelia Bengtsson Piel-Lefavour, and the grandson of Henry G. Piel and Marie Muessen Piel. Carl-Henry has served on the board since 2009 and was elected Chairman in September 2018, following the long, exemplary stewardship of Abbie Lange. He received his BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Clarkson University in 1983, and his MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of New Hampshire in 1985 (control and communication systems).  After 28 years as a technical consultant at IBI Group, Carl-Henry began serving as the Chief Technology Officer for Terminal Investments Limited, based in Geneva, Switzerland in September 2020.

His favorite brew is any good, crafted lager, pilsner, or ale without any frilly flavoring.   Blueberries belong in pancakes and pies – not beer.

Bia Piel

Corresponding Secretary, Events Coordinator

Bia Piel, is the granddaughter of Henry G. Piel and Marie Muessen, and the oldest daughter of Elmar Piel and Kerstin Bengtsson. She is a clinical mental health counselor in private practice in New Hampshire.  Bia has served as a board member for over 20 years. She is the Corresponding Secretary and the Events Coordinator. 

Bia is committed to the importance of maintaining the family connection aspect of M&G and continuing to foster a strong connection within the extended shareholder family.  She also is committed to the continued viability of the company for future generations of M&G Piel offspring and their families.

Her favorite brew is hazy IPA.

Dace McCoy Ground


Dace McCoy Ground is the daughter of Margarita Piel McCoy.  She has served on the board for many years, currently as Vice Chair.  Dace lends her expertise to the board by providing legal assistance and advice on by-laws and other corporate matters.  She has been instrumental in rewriting these by-laws and bringing our company to a more professional level.  Another important project that Dace has shepherded was the establishment of a more efficient shareholder certificate system, a task that she has now passed on to Bragdon Shields. Dace currently practices law in the United Kingdom.

Her favorite brew is a bock.

Jerry Salomone

Treasurer Emeritus

Joseph G. (Jerry) Salomone is a CPA and Financial Consultant.
BS: University of Maryland, 1965; MBA: Seton Hall University, 1969; Executive MBA: Stanford University, 1991. 

Retired from Atlantic Energy / Atlantic City Electric Company, an electric utility in southern New Jersey, as Chief Financial Officer in 1995. He has been a member of the AICPA and the New Jersey CPA Society since 1969. He has also served on the Boards of Atlantic City Medical Center and Rowan University. 

He is currently involved with Saint Philip Neri Catholic Church (SPN) in Fort Mill, SC. He is advising SPN on financial matters and is Chair of the SPN Finance Council. 

He  has been associated with M & G Piel Securities, Inc. for over 40 years as Accountant, Auditor, Director, Treasurer and now Treasurer Emeritus.

His favorite brew is Miller Lite.

Alexandra (Ali) Piel

Recording Secretary

Alexandra (Ali) Piel, is the daughter of Carl-Henry Piel and Colleen Kendall-Piel, granddaughter to Elmar Viking Piel and Kerstin Cecelia Bengtsson Piel-Lefavour, great-granddaughter of Henry G. Piel and Marie Muessen Piel, and great-great granddaughter of Michael Piel, co-founder of the Piel Bros Brewery.  

Ali graduated from the University of Vermont in 2011 with a bachelors of science degree in Psychology and has been working in the medical field since then. She currently resides in New Mexico, working for Zimmer Biomet as the technology and robotic orthopedic surgery specialist. Ali grew up attending Piel family meetings and greatly enjoyed the opportunity those meetings provided for spending time with cousins and extended family. Ali was elected to the board in 2021 and is excited to have the opportunity to continue to foster connections with extended family members and hopes to help promote an increased interest, specifically within the younger generations, to allow for the ongoing and future success of M&G Piel’s.  

Ali’s favorite brew is a cold, Hazy IPA.

Alfred W. McCoy


Alfred W. McCoy is the great-grandson of Michael Piel, the grandson of Rudolf Piel, and the son of Margarita Piel McCoy, the long-serving chair of M&G Piel, Inc. After earning his Ph.D. in History at Yale University in 1977, his writing has focused on the political history of the modern Philippines and the history of world empires. In 2012, Yale University awarded him the Wilbur Cross Medal in recognition of his stature as “one of the world’s leading historians of Southeast Asia and an expert on Philippine political history.” The University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he has taught since 1989, gave him the Harrington Chair in History.

He is the author of the Piel family history, Beer of Broadway Fame: The Piel Family and Their Brooklyn Brewery (Albany, 2016), which was a finalist for an  award from the American Library Association. From these writings, he
understands the Piel Company’s past and can help chart its future. 

He is not much a drinker, but has a fond memory of the rich wheaty taste of the Kapuziner brew that Piel’s shipped to family members back in the 1950s.


Matthew McCoy


Matthew McCoy is the son of Alfred W. McCoy, nephew to Dace McCoy Ground, and the grandson of Margarita Piel McCoy. He is a graduate of the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, where he received his bachelor's in graphic design with an emphasis in photography. Matt has worked through the ranks as an award-winning creative for the last 19 years developing marketing/communication materials for a diverse selection of companies and agencies, both large and small. In addition to his duties as a husband and father of two, Jacob F. McCoy and Mia L. McCoy, he is also proudly serving his community as a paid-on-call firefighter, fire apparatus operator, and an emergency medical responder. Matt has been attending Piel board meetings with his grandmother since middle school years, and is familiar with the board’s proceedings. He looks forward to the opportunity to becoming a member and hopes that his background in corporate creative marketing will serve the board well in their current and future needs.

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