G.W. & C.B. Colton & Co., “Map of Long Island and the Southern Part of Connecticut’ (172 William St., New York: Colton, 1870) [Copied: New York Harbor to Hemstead, 10”; Long Beach/Jones Beach to Throgs Neck 8”]

Office of Piel Bros. “ Liberty Avenue, at the N.W. corner of Georgia Ave. showing No.116 Georgia Avenue (corner frame building), the office of Piel Bros. Beverage Mfg. Co, April 1929.”Eugene L. Armbruster Collection.

"Sheffield Ave., north of Glenmore Ave., the frame peaked structure at the left behind the telegraph pole was once Piel Bros. Casino. It is now (1929) a part of Piel Bros. Beverage Mfg. Co." April 1929 Eugene L. Armbruster Collection.

Schaefer Brewery.

John Eichler’s Brewery, 169th Street and Third Avenue, purchased by Liebmann in 1947.

“Back in Service—A Trommer Brewery horse-drawn truck, a familiar sight at the turn of the century, is now brought back into service to conserve gasoline and tires. It is making the rounds in the Ridgewood section. AUG 18, 1942.”

“William Piel, president of Piel Bros., is shown here with the two valuable trophies he is donating in the open handball championships to be run at Manhattan Beach later this month. At the left is the prize for the team winning the club doubles title, and at the right the trophy for the men’s single champion.”

“William Piel. Index Department. Brooklyn Eagle. Received Feb 9-1951.”

“Girl Scientist at Boro Plant Finds Beer-Testing Nice Work.” Article in “Brooklyn Eagle” (11 May 1952) says photo shows Mary Williams, chief of quality control, Bushwick plant, of Piel Bros.

Piel’s Brothers, Brewery, Brooklyn, N.Y. (Credit: Wurts Brothers, Photographers, 33 Parkview Terrace, Huntington, L.I., N.Y.)

Schaefer Brewing Co., Shaefer Brewing Plant Brooklyn, Mar 3, 1948. (Credit: Royal Photo Studio, 307 Broadway, Brooklyn 11, N.Y., S.E. Caputo. Dated Mar 3-1948).

Liebmann Brewery, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Conrad Eurich’s Brewery, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Bushwick Ave, S from N.W. corner of Grand St.

“Abandoned Building of the Kings Brewery Company serves as headquarters for boy gangsters who meet there to plan forays in the Bedford-Stuyvesant area.” (Credit: Eagle Staff photo).

Work 0008: Advertising poster of Consumers Brewing Company of Brooklyn.

Work 0029: Schaefer Brewing built on the East River at Kent Avenue, Williamsburgh, Brooklyn in 1915-16.

Work 0033: Architectural renderings of Schaefer Brewery located on Kent Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Work 0034: "Postwar brewery expansion--East River view (architectural rendering) of the plant expansion planned for the F. & M. Schaefer Brewing Company [located on Kent Avenue] in Brooklyn, which has awarded a $2,000,000 contract to the Turner Construction Company of New York for completion of the eight-story beer storage stock house (large structure above) begun before the war, and for four new building projects. Eggers and Higgins are the architects. the work will be completed by spring."

Work 0037: Elsie Gammon, Miss Rheingold 1951, in advertising posters for Rheingold beer and Liebmann Breweries located at 36 Forrest Street in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Work 0048: "This drought ends--Beer rolls off assembly line at the F. & M. Schaefer Brewing Company, 430 Kent Ave., [Williamsburgh, Brooklyn], as delilveries resume to local taverns and restaurants after three-month strike."

Work 0050: unidentified man waving from driver's seat of Schaefer Brewing Company truck.

Work 0051: “Two men sitting in horse-drawn wagon with signs on side," Wiener special dark brew & lager beer; F. & M. Schaefer beer, New York; Bottling Department."

Work 0054: "One of the largest fleets of trucks ever assembled for the distribution of a single product was pressed into service April 6th [1933] at the famous Trommer Brewery, Bushwick Avenue and Conway Street, [Cypress Hills,] Brooklyn, N. Y., for the filling of thousands of orders. Photo shows George Trommer (right), president of the brewery, smashing a bottle of 3.2 beer to launch the fleet of trucks."

Work 0055: View of horse-drawn wagon or truck carrying barrels of Trommer beer, in foreground, and Trommer's Restaurant in background. The location is Bushwick Avenue and Conway Street, Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Work 0057: Portrait of beautiful young woman on poster advertising Trommer's beer with sign, "Trommer's brewers of fine beers exclusively; Brooklyn, New York."

Work 0060: "Back in service—A Trommer Brewery horse-drawn truck [with large sign, "Trommer's malt beer"], a familiar sight at the turn of the century, is now brought back into service to conserve gasoline and tires. It is making the rounds in the Ridgewood section." Image includes two men wearing aprons standing in foreground and portion of Trommer's Restaurant in background, 1632 Bushwick Avenue and Conway Street, Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, N. Y

Work: 0069: Advertising poster for Conrad Eurich's Brewery, Brooklyn, ca. 1899-1903.

Work 0173: "Louis Capone as he was sentenced to death today [November 30, 1941] in [King’s] County Court, [JaySt., Brooklyn,NY].He was convicted early Sunday along with Louis (Lepke) Buchalter and Emanuel (Mendy) Weiss for the murder of Joseph Rosen in 1936."

Work 0691: Policeman laughing with Anthony Anastasio (sometimes spelled Anastasia), crime figure and head of Brooklyn Longshoremen's union, during time of electioneering and violence between union factions; working men and church in background. Anastacio is wearing a ribbon for International Longshoremen's Association, Brooklyn waterfront, December 24, 1953.

Work 0826: Photo from the “Home Talk” section of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, shows patrons celebrating the news flash from Utah that the final state ratified the repeal of Prohibition, December 5, 1933, Court Grill, 119 Pennsylvania Avenue, East New York, Brooklyn, a block from the Piel Bros brewery on Liberty Avenue.

Work 0837: "No beer today, boys”-Al Rose, left, bartender at the Left Field Bar & Grill, 945 Franklin Ave., Crown Heights, Brooklyn, puts up sign, ["No beer"] telling bad news to customers. John Russell, a customer, helps him. Absence of beer was due to a strike of brewery truck drivers.

Work 0860: Young women sitting on subway; ad for Ruppert beer in background, Brooklyn, NY.

Work 0897: "With rank and file O. K.--Truck of the George Ehret Brewery is readied to leave garage after company agreed to drop delivery speed-up clause. Fred Schmidt posts sign ["Signed with rank and file brewery workers"] as another driver mounts vehicle." Ehret Brewey, Montgomery Street, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, 1948.

Work 007: Advertising poster for Consumers Park Brewing Company located at 946-978 Franklin Avenue and 124-150 Montgomery Street, Brooklyn, 1905.

Work 0014: Advertising poster of Federal Brewing Company located at the intersection of Dean Street and 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn, ca. 1900.

Work 0038: Poster advertising the 50th anniversary (1855-1905) of S. Liebmann's Sons Brewing Company located at 36 Forrest Street, Brooklyn, 1905.

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