Hubert Michael Piel with fish.

Maria H. Piel in front of Camp Waldfrieden [“Peaceful Wood”; now Lange Camp, Parlin, Maine]

William Piel (left) and unid., displaying “Code of Practice,” United Brewers’ Industrial Foundation.

Michael & Maria Piel family, Brooklyn, summer 1900. (Top, L-R): William, Michael, Henry; (bottom, L-R): Rudolf, Louisa, Maria, Otto, Paul; (front, L-R): Oswald, Agnes. [MLPK: This is probably Lefferts Place, Brooklyn where Oswald was born and the family had a grape arbor in the garden. NB: Oswald as born, April 1900 and looks about 3-6 months old in this photo.]

Party on occasion of visit of Sophie Piel (sister of Hubert Michael Piel, from Dusseldorf), at Beer Stube, Piel Bros. Brewery, East New York, Brooklyn. (Seated: L to R) Gottfried Piel, Sr., Sophie Piel (from Dusseldorf). Maria Heermann Piel, unid. woman, unid. woman, unid. woman, Margarita S. Piel, unid. man. (Standing, L to R) unid. man, unid. man, Rudolf A. Piel, Gerard Piel, Henry Piel, unid. man, unid. man, unid, man. 1929.

William Piel, Jr. with fish.

Piel farm, Dusseldorf, with apple butter factory (center building with smokestacks).

Sitting room, home of Michael and Maria Piel, 245 W. 72nd Street, New York, ca. 1909. (photo by: H. Shobbrook Collins, Photographer, Telephone 5159 Chelsea, 134 W. 23rd St., New York.) [Gerard Piel: marble sculptures (foreground and rear) are now at his penthouse apartment, 1115 Fifth Ave., NY, NY; when Piels’ Brewery was sold in 1962, Gerard removed them from the storeroom.]

Wedding of Mary Piel Ward, 1937.

Rita Ann Piel at the wedding of Mary Piel Ward, 1937.

Lorretto Scott Piel in an opera.

“Jollity in the Bierstube,” Piel Bros. Brewery.

William Jr., Rita, Mary Piel—children of William Piel, Sr.—at Parlin.

Mary Piel (2nd from left) and husband William Ward (left) at wedding.

Gerard Piel at Parlin.

“Pfc. David Piel, USMC, on Okinawa.”

Genevieve Scott, sister of Lorretto Scott Piel. (Credit: Myers-Cope Co., 1521 & 1635 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, N.J.)

Mary Piel Ward (Credit: Jay TE Winburn, Jr., 19 East 57th Street, New York, 22, N.Y.)

“John J. Piel, LGH-46-3164”

Agnes Piel.

Dr. John Piel as pediatrician, San Francisco.

“Die Jacobsen, at 350 25th Street, Santa Monica, CA” (painting of moonlight over a lake).

“May the Spirit of Christmas be ours Today and Throughout the New Year. The John Piels.”

William Piel, Sr., portrait, probably Columbia College student, ca. 1905.

William Piel, Sr. (left), pours beer at luncheon.

William Piel, portrait. (Credit: H. Russin)

William Piel, Sr., portrait. (Credit: Vitarelli).

William Piel, Sr., portrait. (Credit: Blank & Stoller Corp., 227 East 45th Street, New York).

[caption in hand of Gerard Piel] “Samuel Bird Piel, circa 1960 (at Harvard).”

Gerard Piel as Boy Scout. (Credit: M.A. Harrison, Far Rockaway, N.Y.)

Woman in late 19th century garb. Possibly a Gispé.

[caption in hand of Gerard Piel] “Edward Hamilton Scott, 1847-1907.” Father of Lorretto Scott Piel. (Credit: Sarony’s Imperial Portraits, 37 Union Square, New York. Negatives Preserved. Duplicates may be obtained at any time. Elevator from Street.)

[caption in hand of Gerard Piel] “Mrs. E.H. Scott.”Mother of Lorretto Scott Piel. (Credit: Dana. Cor. 14th Street & Sixth Ave., New York).

Portrait of Unid. woman in hat with umbrella.

Gerard Piel and Woodmere, LI Boy Scouts present coin replica to President Herbert Hoover, ca. 1930.

Barnum & Bailey Circus brochure with Mikel Piel ringmaster, ca. 1970.

Barnum & Bailey Circus brochure with Mikel Piel ringmaster, ca. 1970.

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