Beer Brooklyn: Piel Beer bottle and Goldenrod Brew bottle.

Beer New England: Police officer holding portrait of Gottfried Piel.

Beer New England: “Officer Raymond Bousquet: This Piel Is For You.Officer Bousquet and an original portrait of Gottfried Piel that we found hanging in Encon’s offices. It was Gottfried, along with his two brothers (who were not named Bert and Harry, but Michael abd Wilhelm) who founded Piel Brothers in the East New York section of Brooklyn in 1883.Today, 105 yeas later, Piel’s is still being enjoyed, a product of the Stroh Brewing Company.”

Beer Brooklyn: the Bowrey with Piel Banner

Beer Brooklyn: Demolished Piel Brewery

Beer Brooklyn: Bert and Harry Piel Subway Ad.

Beer Brooklyn: “View of the Bowery, Coney Island.” 

Beer Brooklyn: “And here, unfortunately, is what’s across the street—a square block of nothing but rubble.The majority of the brewery’s buildings were demolished in 1974.Looking at the buildings in the background its hard to believe that when the three brothers purchased their small three-story brewery in 1883 they were surrounded by farms—and were a good half-day’s trek from downtown Brooklyn by horsecar.”

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